the emotions of
protective Policies

Saarland University

Saarland University (USAAR) is a mid-sized, dynamic, research-oriented university in Southwest Germany near France, Luxembourg, and Belgium located on two campuses, Saarbrücken and Homburg. A hallmark of Saarland University is its highly interdisciplinary scientific profile, with intensive cooperation across institutes, subjects, and faculty boundaries, and its tight collaboration with non-university research institutions that have been attracted to the USAAR campus over the years. The university maintains a wide spectrum of disciplines in research and education, including medicine, law, economics, humanities, natural sciences, and engineering. Today, 16,700 people are studying in Saarbrücken and Homburg (Faculty of Medicine), 20 percent of whom are international students. Saarland University’s institutional identity is defined by three main areas of research and teaching: “Computer Sciences,” “NanoBioMed Sciences,” and “European Studies and Internationality.” The campus of USAAR is also home to other major research institutions, such as Max Planck, Helmholtz, Leibniz, and Fraunhofer institutes or the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. USAAR is very active in national and international research collaborations in different funding instruments and settings. Its Department for Research Management fully supports USAAR's scientists in acquiring and administering their research projects and in translating their research results into business.

Role within PROTEMO

Saarland University will coordinate all PROTEMO activities, organise workshops and conferences and report to the European Union. Besides, Saarland University is responsible for 1) analysing political communication about protective policies, 2) tracing policy processes of protective policies and examining what role perceptions of emotions and emotional needs played in these processes, and 3) investigating the emotional needs of non-citizens and their perception of protective policies.

Main contacts

Photo of Prof Georg Wenzelburger

Prof Georg Wenzelburger

Chair of Comparative European Politics

Photo of Dr Beatriz Carbone

Dr Beatriz Carbone

Chair of Comparative European Politics

Photo of Katja Stempel

Katja Stempel

M.A., Chair of Comparative European Politics

Our Perspective

With the PROTEMO project, we will be able to better understand the role of emotions in representative democracies