the emotions of
protective Policies

Reichman University

Founded by renowned Israeli Professor Uriel Reichmann in 1994, Reichman University is the first private university in Israel. It is a non-profit organisation modelled after Ivy League universities in the U.S. In the thirty years since its establishment, Reichman University’s success has drawn both international recognition and some of the finest lecturers and researchers from around the world. Reichman University has the largest international school in Israel, the Raphael Recanati International School, with over 2500 international students from 90 different countries. Reichman University’s Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy was established in 1999 and named after its founder, Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder, an international businessman and Jewish communal leader.

Role within PROTEMO

Within PROTEMO, the team at Reichman University is responsible for collecting and analysing data about the role of emotions in the policy process. The main focus is on the emotional needs of citizens and the role of policy entrepreneurs who utilise emotional tools to up-regulate and down-regulate emotions during the policy process and to change the prevailing emotion during that process.

Main contacts

Photo of Prof Moshe Maor

Prof Moshe Maor

Photo of Dr Mikaella Assouline

Dr Mikaella Assouline

Our Perspective

In PROTEMO, we strive to understand the emotional dynamics of protective politics in our age of insecurity and the role of emotional entrepreneurs in this process.